College Prospects of America

Since 1990, College Prospects of America has helped hundreds of tennis players find scholarships at American universities, and they are continually asked, ‘How good do I need to be?’  Girls need ratings of 8.1 or better and boys need ratings of 7.1 or better.  The top colleges would be looking for ratings of 3.1+.  The majority of girls and the best boys get full scholarships — tuition, housing, food and all tennis-related expenses, but for most others, it will work out cheaper than going to a British uni, especially after the tuition increases in 2012.

There are three sports governing bodies, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) and the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), each with its own rules.  Nearly all of the top tennis-playing universities belong to Div I of the NCAA.

The NCAA requires British students to obtain at least five GCSE passes with an  average of  ‘E’ (Standard Grade 5).  These must include English, maths, any science and any social studies such as history, geography, economics, modern studies, sociology or psychology.  Foreign languages, philosophy and non-doctrinal RE will be accepted as one of the five so long as the other four core areas are achieved.  Subjects such as PE, media studies, ICT, D&T, music and art will not satisfy core requirements.

To be eligible for NCAA Div I and II schools after GCSEs, a student will need at least two AS levels, followed by two A2’s OR a BTEC Diploma. Distance learning is acceptable during years 12 and 13 so long as the student achieves passing grades. After this, a student will be allowed one gap year for Div II (only one gap semester for Div I).

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