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Tweets of the Week - Andy Murray special


Tweets of the Week – Andy Murray special: 

@russellcrowe: Andy Murray on a roll. You champion.

@adamhollioake: Congrats Andy Murray..I love it when all the negative people & haters get their words jammed down their neck..wish i was in UK 2c the papers

@WelshIrvine: Dunblane was known internationally for a terrible, horrible thing. Thanks to Andy Murray it’s now known for something wonderful and amazing.

@Swannyg66: Well done Andy Murray. Well done indeed. I hope you go and get plastered with Fergie and James Bond to celebrate.

@jimmycarr: Andy Murray has just made me cry. The man is a God. I’m so happy.

@GaryLineker: Congratulations to @andy_murray on a superb US Open victory. Something immensely satisfying in proving people wrong. #winner

@rioferdy5: Congrats @andy_murray, won a Grand Slam title..I think the boss gave u the hair dryer! #inspired

@mrdavidhaye: Get used to seeing @Andy_Murray winning Grand Slams… This is how it’s going to be from now on!! Congratulations Andy ‘The Machine’ Murray

@davidwalliams: Andy Murray not only won his first Grand Slam, he had Sir Sean Connery cheering him on. #jamesbondhelpedAndywin

@KevinSpacey: Congratulations @Andy_Murray on your well deserved, brilliant win at US Open. I cheer your victory & everyone back home is so happy for you!