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Tennis tweets of the week


The best of tennis on Twitter: 

@laurarobson5: “Always fun peeing into a cup for a drug test after a loss.#sarcastictweet”

@becker_boris on Maria Sharapova being single again: “Sharapova back on the streets again, she is NO longer engaged! Guys will be lining up…”

@MardyFish annoyed at Roddick’s prolonged career: “Geez Roddick, retire already! :)”

@DjokerNole gone fishing: “Managed to squeeze in some fishing time :) It is so relaxing and peaceful. I really enjoy being by the water.”

@WayneRooney and Ms. Robinson: “Laura Robinson is playing brilliant good luck Laura”

@AmeMauresmo not so annoyed at A-Rod: “Unbelievable @andyroddick here at the US Open ! Great Champ… Keep retiring like this !”

@AndreaPetkovic all loved up: “I LOVE LOVE LOVE Andy Roddick and I freaking ADORE Brooklyn Decker! I mean come on, how cool is she?”

@judmoo and her favourite sweets, HarriBros: “Move over Bob n Mike…here come The HarriBros. Unsurprisingly sweet. #USOpendubs”

@CaroWozniacki on Clijsters’ retirement: “@Clijsterskim thank you for being such a great role model for all of us! You will be truly missed! Enjoy your time with the family! X”

@vika7 joining in on the tributes: “@Clijsterskim Kim thank you for being such an amazing and inspirational person :)) everyone knows how great of a tennis player u r! xxx”