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Is this the most glamorous woman in tennis?


Five things about the most glamorous woman in tennis (as chosen by Ella Ling, photo editor of The Tennis Space). You will be seeing a lot of Ester Satorova on your television screens this weekend at the US Open when her boyfriend, Tomas Berdych, plays Andy Murray for a place in the final. 

The morning after Berdych beat Roger Federer in the quarter-finals, the New York Post announced, “Berdych is now known for more than his killer girlfriend”.

Berdych has said there’s “a big difference” between a relationship with a model and going out with a professional tennis player (for 10 years he was in a relationship with fellow Czech Lucie Safarova). “In the past, I was saying that it’s probably the best thing we both are from the same thing. But then I didn’t have any other experience. But now I can say that this one is way better because before it was too much tennis. Every day you have to play, practice, organise stuff, then winning, losing, handling that stuff, and it’s quite tough to have it from one side. If you have to deal with the same thing from the other side, it’s quite too much. So I’m really enjoying that, that it’s different, that I met somebody with a different life. It’s a nice experience.”

Satorova, who has dated Berdych since last autumn, has become a regular at tournaments.

Ella Ling, the photo editor of The Tennis Space, put Satorova at No 1 on a list of the best-looking wives and girlfriends on the tour. “Ester has taken the place of Lucie Safarova as Tomas Berdych’s new arm candy following their decade-long romance. This stunning 20-year-old fashion model is quickly establishing herself as a full-time WAG on tour, which won’t be disappointing news to all the men out there.”

Expect the television cameras to linger on Satorova during the semi-final with Murray. As happened during Berdych’s encounter with Federer, which was the first time the Czech had played a night match at the US Open (so the first primetime opportunity for Tomas and Ester).