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Ivan Lendl has said he wants to take some of the pressure off Andy Murray

Have a go at our Ivan Lendl quiz


How much do you know about the man hoping to guide Andy Murray to a first grand slam title in New York City this weekend? Answers below. 

1. Which magazine once put Ivan Lendl, who had just won the US Open, on the cover, with the headline: “The Champion Nobody Cares About.”

2. What breed of dogs does Lendl have?

3. How many daughters does Lendl have?

4. People magazine once suggested that Lendl has “the social sophistication of an American 15-year-old”. What was the basis of that claim?

5. Lendl, after losing his first four slam finals, scored his first major when he came from two sets down to beat John McEnroe in the 1984 French Open final. What had caused McEnroe to lose his focus?

6. How did Lendl use to show his playful side on the practice court?

7. Why did Pat Cash once confront Lendl in the locker-room at the Monte Carlo Country Club?

8. What sort of jokes is Lendl known for telling?

9. What’s Lendl’s golf handicap?

10. What were Lendl’s first words to Andy Murray after the Olympic single final?





1. Sports Illustrated.  

2. German shepherds. 

3. Five. 

4. Lendl had been “chugging Coke (no ice) with breakfast and hitching rides behind cars on roller skates.” But he was also an accomplished chess player and could solve the Rubik’s Cube in two minutes.  

5. The noise leaking from a camerman’s headphone. 

6. By wearing roller-skates, or drilling the ball at his practice partner. 

7. Because someone had shredded Cash’s shoes and then left them in front of Lendl’s locker. 

8. Dirty jokes. 

9. Scratch. 

10. “Well done. Now get ready for the mixed doubles final.” 

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if his practice partner (6) had a photo of McEnroe’s face on his T-shirt…