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Five thoughts on Serena Williams winning the US Open

Five thoughts on Serena Williams winning the US Open: 
Can the men’s final equal the women’s for drama, entertainment and the flickering possibility of something outrageous happening? This was the occasion that the world number one shocked America by almost winning the US Open; Victoria Azarenka served to win the championships but couldn’t complete the victory (“I wouldn’t sleep for a year if that happened to me,” said the watching Boris Becker). It was also the first time that the Arthur Ashe Stadium, which was completed in 1997, had seen the women’s final go to three sets. There was also the threat – or should that be the promise? – of Serena getting angry again in New York City again, just as she had in the 2009 semi-final against Kim Clijsters and in last season’s final against Sam Stosur.
When a line-judge called Williams for a foot-fault, she didn’t say anything, or tell the official she would stuff a tennis ball down his throat, but she did shoot him a dirty look at the end of the game as she walked to her chair. A few minutes later, she lightly bashed her racket against her chair. So there was the danger of Williams going nuclear again. There was also the danger that she would lose a match that almost every American tennis fan imagined she would win. Serena, who afterwards claimed she had been preparing her runner-up’s speech, kept it together. She behaved well, and won the last four games.
The wrong side of 30, Serena has just had the greatest summer of her career, winning Wimbledon, the Olympics and the US Open. 
To truly crack the American tennis market, you have to win the US Open. While Azarenka didn’t do that, you half to imagine that this match went a long way to convincing people that she is worthy of their attention. 
You have to wonder, though, how long Azarenka is going to hold on to that world number one ranking. 
If Williams stays motivated and injury-free, you have to think that she will move past Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert on the list of all-time serial champions. Williams is now on 15, so Navratilova and Evert are just three ahead of her. It seems unlikely, though, that she will ever surpass Margaret Court’s collection of 24 slams, and Steffi Graf’s 22 could also be beyond her.
  • http://twitter.com/shackle52 Deborah Taylor

    Serena didn’t win the French Open. She lost her first round match.

  • Ceesecake

    Stosur won the US Open last year, but a little skeptical if she has ‘cracked’ the American tennis market.

  • imbythesea

    Why would anybody seek to ‘crack the American tennis market’ (whatever that means)?