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Andrew Castle: This was a victory for the ages

Andrew Castle, a former British number one, has told The Tennis Space that Andy Murray’s triumph at the US Open was “a victory for the ages – 76 years is a bloody long time”: 
Castle on the long wait for British tennis: “I have just been looking at some old black and white photographs of Fred Perry. This really is a victory for the ages. In the moments after Andy won, you started to think how inconceivable it is that we’ve had to wait all those years for another British man to win a grand slam. Seventy-six years is a bloody long time. I’ve been thinking about the all the players who have come and gone over the years. That’s not to say they’re failures. Andy’s a champion and I’m delighted for him. How absolutely fantastic this must for me. We all want to achieve our lifetime’s ambition and Andy has achieved his. He’s going to really enjoy this.”
Castle on whether Murray could now become a serial grand slam champion: “It’s entirely possible that Andy could win several slams now. He can enjoy every tennis match he plays now. Federer’s not getting any younger, Nadal’s hurting, and Djokovic has been beaten.”
Castle on how Murray’s life will change now: “I don’t think Andy’s professional life is going to change much. He was already a Olympic champion, and he had already been in four grand slam finals, so he was already operating at a rarefied level. Off the court, you don’t really know what will happen. I just know that he’s going to enjoy this.”
  • http://twitter.com/worldsociolog Tonysociolog

    Former British #1, seriously and number 80 in the world or something?

  • http://twitter.com/Sportwords Revanth Challagalla
  • Dennis

    Ummm, Murray s not “already a Wimbledon champion”.

    • Luke

      Are you thick? Perhaps learn to read… it says “Olympic Champion” which was at Wimbledon, and he will win Wimbledon at some point so jog on.