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Anna Kournikova

Warning: Andy Murray is the new Anna Kournikova


Andy Murray is the new Anna Kournikova. Well, sort of. The Anna Kournikova Virus tricked millions of people into thinking that they were opening a message which contained a picture of the Russian – instead a malicious programme attacked their computers. Now, according to analysis by McAfee, Murray is the most dangerous British sportsman to search for on the internet.

Even more dangerous than Ryan Giggs or Tom Daley. Murray has never been as popular as he is now; it didn’t take long for that new popularity to be used by others for anti-social activity. Those who click on links hoping for Murray videos or screensavers may find their personal information is stolen. “Cyber-crooks keep their finger on the pulse and adapt their scams to appeal to what we’re most likely to be searching for,” said a spokesman for McAfee. “It’s no surprise that the bad guys have taken advantage of Andy Murray’s popularity.”

  • Paul McD

    McAfee in jumping on celeb bandwagon shock. perhaps they should concentrate on making a decent anti virus product instead.