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US Open - David Goffin

US Open: Q&A with David Goffin


The baby-faced Belgian answers questions in our daily US Open Q&A…

What’s your earliest memory of playing tennis?
I was playing with my brother behind my apartment, and we were playing with just a little net and I was Sampras and he was Agassi and we were playing for hours. It was funny. I was seven.

Who was your tennis hero?
First it was Pete Sampras and then it was Roger Federer. I love their attitude, the player on court and off court.

What’s been your greatest tennis experience so far?
Playing Roland Garros against Roger Federer. It was my best performance, my best result, it was a great match.

Where would you most like to live?
I don’t know. An island. In paradise.

Do you have a favourite type of chocolate?
Milk chocolate.

A favourite book?
I don’t read much, I don’t know.

Who would be your ideal mixed doubles partner?
Kim Clijsters. I’ve never played with her, and now it’s too late!

What would you most like to achieve?
My dream is I would like to win the Davis Cup with my friends. It would be great.

Is there a sight you would most like to see in New York?
The Empire State Building. I have not seen it yet but I would like to try this trip.