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Maria Sharapova - celebration

US Open diary: Maria Sharapova is single again


Maria Sharapova is probably asked more questions about her personal life than any other player on the women’s tour and as you might expect she deals with them in her own, utterly professional way, not telling anyone anything she does not want to share. An Italian newspaper report, picked up by American paper USA Today, reports that Vujacic “told friends” that the wedding was off and on Friday Sharapova confirmed that not only will there be no wedding but that their relationship is over.

Sharapova said the relationship had actually ended in late spring, saying that their career schedules made it “extremely challenging” to carry on. The 25-year-old says they are still friends and have an enormous amount of respect for each other, and that she didn’t say anything because “I’m not an announcer” and “no one asked me directly”.

Everybody loves a bit of gossip but apart from the fact that Sharapova is a global superstar – and everything about her is fodder for the tabloids – the real reason this is of interest is that her relationship with Vujacic had coincided with the most consistent period of her career.

Being with the former LA Lakers basketball star seemed to relax Sharapova and she seemed happy on and off the court. Her French Open win must have come just after they split up but in a very simple way, it’s sad news of course.


Andy Roddick’s announcement that he is to retire after the US Open caught most people by surprise, with the exception of Serena Williams who had known for anything between a while and a year, depending when she was asked about it. The American, who was due to play Bernard Tomic on Friday night, will now be able to give more of his time to his foundation and his radio show, as well as anything else he chooses to do. Inevitably, with more time on his hands, the speculation has already begun that the Roddick family could soon be about to expand. Tommy Haas tweeted “new chapter baby” and while we don’t think he meant it “in the family way” it would not be that big a surprise if Roddick and his wife, Brooklyn, should make another announcement sooner rather than later.


British tennis followers have known this for a while already but Laura Robson is now showing American and worldwide audiences that she is a lot of fun. The 18-year-old seems to enjoy a bit of to-ing and fro-ing in press conferences and when an Australian journalist asked if she could be persuaded back to the country of her birth (she left at 18 months old), she smiled and said: “I get asked that all the time and I don’t think my answer has ever changed. Still a no”.