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Top 10 Olympic tennis quotes


Top 10 quotes from the Olympic tennis tournament:

David Hasselhoff: “I still can’t express enough proud I am to see Andy Murray as the Olympic champion. He never gave up. Don’t you either. I won’t ever.”

Andy Roddick after losing in the second round to Novak Djokovic: “I feel like it’s extremes with me right now. If I win one, it’s like career appreciation day. Then if I lose one, it’s like we should take him out into the field and shoot him in the head.”

Roger Federer: “Don’t feel bad for me. For me, it’s been a great month. I won Wimbledon, became world number one, and I got silver. I’m really happy and pleased. I know that sounds strange as people are so used to me winning and probably only winning makes me happy, but I’m a happy tennis player so a good result like this is obviously going to make me feel extremely proud and very happy.”

Serena Williams: “Oh my gosh, this one is high up there, being Olympic gold champion, being golden slam champion singles and doubles, that’s pretty awesome. I was thinking during the final, ‘Serena, this is your best chance to win a gold medal. You played Wimbledon on grass. You played great on grass. Pull it together. You’ve got to do this.'”

John McEnroe on Federer’s performance in the final: “That’s the first time in a long time that Federer has looked his age. I didn’t think Murray could win so easily.”

Juan Martin del Potro on winning bronze: “I think I’m the most happy of the world at this moment. After a really sad day two days ago, it’s not easy to recover and to play these kind of matches, but I had energy in my body, in my heart, and that helped me to play this big challenge for me. I knew that everybody in Argentina was following this match, trying to give me power to play my best tennis, and I really appreciated that. This gift is for all our country.”

Andy Murray: “Ivan Lendl told me after the Wimbledon final that he was really happy with the way I played the whole tournament. He’s never been around a British player during Wimbledon, so he maybe didn’t quite know what it was like. He was saying that I’ll never play in a match under that much pressure again in my life. So that’s good news.”
Bob Bryan on winning doubles gold with his twin brother Mike: “People that we haven’t talked to in 10 years have already called and texted, so we have a lot of new friends now after winning this gold, which is cool.”

Maria Sharapova on being mobbed in the Olympic Village: “I’m usually pretty na├»ve about people’s knowledge of me, my career, what I’ve achieved. I try to be pretty humble about it, but the biggest mistake I’ve made in a long time was entering the cafeteria. I didn’t walk out eating any food. I barely got an orange juice. It was quite funny. Actually, I didn’t sign any autographs, it was just pictures. I felt like a little statue.”

Roger Federer: “I have stayed in the Olympic Village before so it’s not like I feel that I have to do the Village so badly. I would love to, but of course – have also become very famous over the last eight years or so, so times have also changed and when I do move around in the village things are not as simple as they were.”

Boris Becker: “He will soon be called Sir Andy Murray.”