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The Tennis Space Rafa Nadal Quiz


Are you Rafael Nadal’s greatest fan? You are if you can correctly answer all 10 of these questions.

1. Nadal’s family regard him as “a bit of a scaredy cat” – what’s he scared of?

2. John Carlin, who co-authored Nadal’s book, wrote of, “something Sicilian without the malice or guns” – what was he describing? 

3. What prompted Nadal to consider switching sports to become a golfer?

4. During an appearance in a music video, Nadal showed he can nuzzle, snuggle and cuddle almost as well as he can hit whippy top-spin forehands. Some sample lyrics: “I’m a gypsy, are you coming with me? I might steal your clothes and wear them if they fit me.” Who was the singer?

5. Which food doesn’t Nadal like?

6. What make of car did Nadal buy himself after winning his first Wimbledon title in 2008?

7. When did Nadal learn that his parents were splitting up?

8. What role has Nadal’s grandfather, also called Rafael, played in their home town of Manacor in Majorca?

9. Nadal wrote in his book: “He’d use rough language, shout a lot, frighten me.” Who was frightening Nadal?

10. What businesses does Nadal’s father own?











1. Thunderstorms, dogs, deep water, riding a bike, and sleeping with the lights off.
2. The close-knit nature of the Nadal family.
3. Doctors discovered, in 2005, that Nadal had a congenital bone problem in the bridge of his left foot.
4. Shakira.
5. Cheese, tomatoes and ham.
6. An Aston Martin.
7. As he flew back to Europe after winning the 2009 Australian Open.
8. The conductor of the town’s orchestra.
9. His uncle and coach, Toni.
10. He owns a restaurant and a window glass company.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rob.cross.127 Rob Cross

    Nice article. Good job.

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    yah 10/10

  • Borninps

    I got all of them right!

  • Borninps

    I love Rafa so much it aches!!!

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    Easy peasy.  10 out of 10 in under 10 seconds.  :)

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    i got all of them right