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Miami 2012 - Sharapova kiss

The Tennis Space Maria Sharapova Quiz


The Tennis Space Maria Sharapova Quiz. Are you Sharapova’s greatest fan? See if you can correctly answer all 10 questions:

1. What did Sharapova admit to occasionally being, during an appearance this year on the ‘Chelsea Lately’ chatshow?

2. What flavour of ice cream would Sharapova take to a desert island?

3. Why did Sharapova’s mother, when she was pregnant with Maria, flee from Belarus to Siberia?

4. What does Sharapova sing in karaoke bars?

5. Where did Sharapova meet her fiance, the basketball player Sasha Vujacic?

6. What prompted Sharapova to describe herself as “the dork of the group” among her friends?

7. Sharapova once wore an item of clothing which had been inspired by a swan – what was it?

8. Sharapova once became so starstruck when a former sportsman approached her at an airport that “I could hardly speak”. Who was the celebrity?

9. What did Sharapova once shout at a Parisian crowd after she became fed up with their behaviour?

10. What is Sharapova’s range of ‘candy’ called?








1. That she can be “a bitch”.

2. Haagen-Dazs strawberry ice cream.

3. Sharapova’s parents were living just 80 miles north of Chernobyl when the reactor exploded, and they were fretting about what the toxic fall-out could have been doing to their unborn daughter.

4. Cher’s ‘Do you Believe in Love’.

5. At a friend’s barbecue. He proposed a year later.

6. When, after being presented with the US Open trophy in 2006, she dropped the lid.

7. A dress, which she wore at Wimbledon.

8. Michael Jordan.

9. “Allez up your f—— ass.”

10. Sugarpova.