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Miami 2012 - Murray 4

The Tennis Space Andy Murray Quiz


Are you Andy Murray’s greatest fan? You are if you can correctly answer these 10 questions.

1. “I’m not a fan of going out and getting smashed,” said Murray,  who is now teetotal. What is the only time that he has ever drunk to excess?

2. How did Murray celebrate winning his first singles title, in San Jose in 2006?

3. What’s Murray record for pieces of sushi consumed in one sitting?

4. What television show did Murray go to see being filmed just days after losing this summer’s Wimbledon final?

5. If Murray could meet anyone in history, who would it be?

6. What is Murray’s favourite film?

7. Murray was born with a bipartite patella – what is that?

8. Why did Murray sell his red Ferrari?

9. What was the experience, as a boy, which is behind Murray’s resolve to sign as many autographs as he can?

10. Why does Murray have permanent damage to a fingernail?








1. As a teenager, when he was training at an academy in Barcelona, and he made himself ill. 
2. By jumping into the crowd and kissing his girlfriend Kim Sears.
3. 50.
4. Mock the Week.
5. Muhammad Ali.
6. The Girl Next Door.
7. A split kneecap.
8. Because he didn’t feel comfortable in a poseur’s car.
9. Despite spending three days at the Wimbledon practice courts trying to get Andre Agassi’s autograph, he came away with an empty pad.
10. When they were growing up, his brother Jamie thumped his fist on Murray’s hand with such force that he ended up with a black and blue fingernail.