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Serena Williams - Centre Court

Tennis tweets of the week


Tweets of the week:

@serenawilliams: “Gold Medal!!! I can’t believe it. I got the singles gold!!!!!! I’m gonna sleep in it tonight!”

@Bryanbros: “So pumped to win gold for the USA! Congrats to @serenawilliams! More medals to be won tomorrow! Go USA!”

@Becker_Boris: “Soon he will be called SIR Andy Murray…”

@ChrissieEvert: “Let’s take these messages from the Olympics- Miracles Can Happen, teamwork, and equality and apply them to making the world a better place..”

@andyroddick: “Ok I’m listening to a radio show talking about football being in the Olympics….. Umm… Minor detail…… No other countries play”

@MardyFish: “Practice your HOF speeches boys! GOLD!!!@Bryanbrothers @Bryanbros Congrats!!!”

@PatrickMcEnroe on Murray’s win: “Beat Down City”

@vika7 on her singles Bronze: “This picture says it all. Its absolutely incredible. So so so happy http://instagr.am/p/N6-5BVDLXe/

@TipsarevicJanko: “9 am,London Heathrow lounge,3 Russians sitting next to me,empty bottle of vodka on their table.You think they are loud? A)Yes B)Yes they are”

@ivokarlovic: “Mmm.. I’m having late night s… (Snack)”