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Sania Mirza

Tennis tweets of the week


Tweets of the week – the best of tennis on Twitter:

@DavisCup giving a nice tidbit: “Of the 72 matches in which #Federer has taken a set 6-0, he has NEVER lost.”

Is @PseudoFed a fan of Pamela?: “First set tweetings. Hmm, this is going better than I made the anticipations. Should be back to the hotel in time for Baywatch #Hoff”

A very tired @SabineLisicki: “7am doping test on a SUNDAY…!?!? Really?”

@TipsarevicJanko gassed out: “The valet guy farted so hard while delivering the car,that even thou its a convertible its officially not drivable anymore..sigh..”

@Becker_Boris: “Tess Daley looks hot in Pics with the Mail…”

Everyone avoid an angry @Serena Williams: “Dear alarm going off outside my window, Please go off! It is 4am!!!! Madly, Serena”

@FreddieNielsen travelling woes: “Another harsh day of travelling. A lot went wrong – karma striking down on me with fury!”

@judmoo finding her namesake: “So that’ll be JudMoo then…?”

@andreapetokovic weighing in scandal: “What a SHAME! Free PUSSY RIOT!”

A reflective @MirzaSania: “Every new beginning comes with some other beginning’s end..”