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Sabine Lisicki

Sabine Lisicki: I met Michael Phelps in the Village


Sabine Lisicki, who is into the semi-finals of the mixed doubles, does The Tennis Space Olympic Quiz:

Apart from tennis, the event I hope to watch during The Games: “Quite a few. I hope I get the chance to watch the swimming, gymnastics and fencing. I would love to see some track and field, but I think I’ll be heading off for the next event by the time I’m free to head along there.”

The Olympian I would most like to meet during The Games: “Many! I don’t know if I could pick just one. Michael Phelps was actually the first one I met on the first day I got here, and I got a picture with him, so that’s pretty good! You see so many great athletes in the dining area, it’s just great to be a part of it.”

What the Olympics means to me: “I’m so proud to be out there representing my country, it’s fun. It is so nice to see the entire group of German athletes being together and supporting each other.”

If I wasn’t a tennis player, I would like to have competed in this Olympic sport: “A sprint event in the track and field competition.”

But definitely not this one: “Boxing!”

My Olympic hero from past Games: “Matthias Steiner – he won gold in weightlifting in 2008. He lost his wife I believe just before that, and he wasn’t sure if he should go to the Olympics or not, but he went out there to fight for her and brought home gold.”

The question that tennis players are most likely to be asked by other athletes: “It isn’t a question, but the thing they most remark on when they come to the tennis or see me play is they didn’t know how hard being a tennis player is or how much is involved behind the scenes to get ready for a match. That’s what many don’t know and many are surprised by that.”