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Miami 2012 - Serena Williams 6

Olympic diary: Serena's collisions and trick-shots


Even the world’s best doubles players sometimes miscommunicate, as Serena and Venus Williams proved at the All England Club, when they both shouted ‘Mine!’ for a short ball, both went for it, and collided. Despite looking a little shellshocked, they still won the point.

Serena had quite a day of it, having produced a lefty forehand during her singles match too.”I have been practicing that shot, I haven’t practiced it in a couple of weeks, sorry months, but I have practiced it. I didn’t expect to hit it, but I wish I had got it better… so maybe I should burn it up and throw it away,” Serena said.

Laura Robson has achieved the pinnacle of olympic tennis pins: the legendary Federpin. Believe to be just 60-100 in existence, depending on who you talk to, the RF pin, complete with red velvet bag, is believe to carry a value of a minimum of 10 other pins. Robson, who
swapped pins with Novak Djokovc, revealed she had also added Namibia, Guyana and Swaziland to her collection.

From tennis royalty to real royalty, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge paid their third visit to the All England Club together on Thursday, except this time they were on the rather less regal surroundings of No.1 Court to cheer in Andy Murray in their capacity as Team GB ambassadors. Spotted sauntering down St Mary’s Walk, albeit in the company of security officers, Wills and Kate celebrated Andy Murray’s comprehensive win, before hot-footing it back to the Olympic Park and the Velodrome for the cycling.

Roger Federer was left a little amazed and embarrassed by his net cord on match point against John Isner. So much so that it brought back a very vivid memory of a similar thing happening once before.

“I don’t remember losing a whole lot like those, but I do remember, first thing that came to my mind, was a Miami finals, against Ljubicic. I won 7-6 7-6 7-6. It was also in the tiebreaker, maybe 8-7,” Federer recounted. “He hit it hard to my backhand and I chipped it over, the match was over and the tournament was over. I also got extremely lucky on that one. I actually did text him to tell him the same thing happened again, I can’t believe it.”

He still took it though.