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Miami 2012 - Murray unwell

Olympic diary: Murray's medal superstition


Tennis players are well known for their superstitions, and today, Andy Murray revealed he subscribes to one himself – not holding a trophy he hasn’t won. Asked if he had ever held or touched a gold medal, the Scot replied no, before going on to explain that he would far rather win one himself than handle someone else’s.

“No, no one’s offered me yet,” Murray said.  “But the plan is to try to get one for yourself.  Everyone always says, you know, not to hold trophies before you actually win them.  I certainly haven’t held the Wimbledon one.  I haven’t held any gold medals either.”

My favourite though remains that of Lindsay Davenport, who, legend has it, famously refused to lift a trophy, any trophy, above her head until she had won a grand slam singles title. Then she lifted that one above her head, and every trophy thereafter.

Speaking of medals, Serena Williams showed some true Olympian spirit when she said that if she had to choose, she’d pick doubles gold with Venus over a singles gold for herself. “To be completely honest [I’d prefer] a gold in doubles,” she said. “I would love to have a gold in singles, but if I had to choose one, I would just choose doubles.” If that doesn’t sum up the Olympics, then I’m a haddock.

Wimbledon was thrown into golden frenzy today as the players, press, and spectators watched and celebrated Team GB’s two Olympic golds. The first, the women’s pair won by Helen Glover and Heather Stanning, was watched by players in the locker rooms, staff having lunch, and public on their phones, while Bradley Wiggins’s cycling time trial gold came just as Andy Murray was about to emerge on Centre Court.

“I saw the rowing right before I went onto practice,” Murray said. “I saw the cycling right before I went onto the match court. Well, yeah, I mean, when you watch it, it’s extra motivation to go out there, and you want to try and be part of that success for the team.”

Serena Williams also spent Tuesday night watching the women’s gymnastics… “Everyone did so amazing, I had chill bumps, water and tears in my eyes. I was just so happy,” she said.”It’s like we’re here as a team. Eve though we’re over here and they’re over there, we’re all playing for the same country. It couldn’t feel better.”

I’d like to know what ‘chill bumps’ are.