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Olympic diary: Bryan brothers won't play beyond Rio


The Bryan brothers are doing a Steve Redgrave. They have revealed, that while they may well play onto the Rio Olympics in 2016, if either of them plays a day past Rio, the one twin has permission to shoot the other.

BOB BRYAN: We talked about going to Rio. We want to extend our career another four and go out.

MIKE BRYAN:  We said if we play a day past Rio, we’re going to shoot each other, but that’s our goal. We talked about it about a month ago. It would be a nice way to finish, in Rio. Stay healthy and see what happens.

Let’s see indeed. Fancy it, Roger Federer?

Whatever medal Roger Federer wins on Sunday, it will be Switzerland’s first. Which puts his place in the Swiss sporting family in perspective, really. And means we Brits should be very thankful for what we’ve got.

“I was tense. I was nervous. Obviously I was seeing myself as the loser many times during the match, but at the same time also I did see myself with medals,” Federer revealed. “So you go through many emotions. You just hope somehow you come out on the other side as a winner and secure yourself a medal, which is now the case. I couldn’t be more happy and more pleased. It’s a big moment in my life and a big moment for Switzerland because we don’t have a medal yet. I hope that also inspires other Swiss athletes for the Olympics now.”

Whatever happens tomorrow, there will be a new addition to the golden career grand slam family. Both Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams are just missing the singles gold medal from their collection, and will join Steffi Graf, Andre Agassi, and Rafael Nadal as holders of the elusive five. But, if it’s Serena that wins singles gold, she’ll start a new club all of her own – she’s got a doubles gold medal too.

Andy Murray is rather enjoying being a beacon of happiness. The Brit, who has ensured he will add a silver or gold medal to Team GB’s tally no matter the outcome of Sunday’s final against Roger Federer, admitted it was rare for him to be smiling so much, and has said that the amount of support he has received has been infectious.

“It was one of the most emotional I’ve been after a match, so happy to win. You don’t see me smiling that much normally. I haven’t stopped smiling since I came off the court,” Murray said.”I mean, even afterwards, like all the volunteers and staff are just so, like, pumped, so happy. All the people that obviously came to watch and have hung around outside, it’s so different to what we normally experience in tennis. It’s so, so different. We normally just get the people on our team congratulating us after we’ve won a tournament. It’s so, so different at this event.”

Whisper it, but here’s hoping he’s as happy on Sunday evening.

  • http://twitter.com/patzin Patrice Zinkova

    Obviously they each want to win.  I am pulling for Andy to do it for GB on Sunday.  Maybe even in Mixed with Laura tomorrow SF I think.  This has been a wonderful tournament for both Fed and Andy, and it continues for a few more days.  All the men in the SF were very emotional – this means alot to all 4.