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John Lloyd: Murray has shown he's not a grumpy geezer


John Lloyd has told The Tennis Space that the crowd “will go bonkers” for Andy Murray when he plays Novak Djokovic in the semi-finals of the Olympic tournament. Lloyd suggested that Murray endeared himself to casual tennis fans at this summer’s Wimbledon Championships by weeping after the final and showing “he is not a grumpy geezer”. “Now Murray is feeding off the energy of the crowd and I think he’s going to beat Djokovic and then go on to win gold.”

Lloyd on how Murray’s image has changed this summer: “Murray has been feeding off the energy of the crowd. It’s a different crowd to the one at Wimbledon. It’s more like a Davis Cup crowd, and it’s going to be even noisier when Murray plays Djokovic as they are going to be playing for medals. The crowd is going to go bonkers. There’s no doubt that Murray endeared himself to a few casual tennis fans during Wimbledon, with his tennis and then with his emotions. He’s shown that he’s not always a grumpy geezer. Andy will say that he’s not trying to win a popularity contest, that he’s trying to win matches and a title, but it’s only going to help him if he has people on his side. I’m not saying that he should go around smiling the whole time, but having more support is only to help him. Of course he was always going to have support at Wimbledon because he’s British but there will be more neutrals on his side now. Casual tennis fans would have looked at him before, and seen some of that whining, and they would have thought, ‘that’s not a good look’. But now they will be thinking differently.”

Lloyd on Murray’s form: “Murray has been looking fired-up, and fit as hell, and I think he’s going to beat Djokovic and go on to win the gold medal. Murray has been serving so well. Djokovic has been on and off so far during this tournament, and he’s been looking up at his box a lot during his matches, which isn’t always a good sign. I’m not convinced.” 

Lloyd on how the Olympics have helped Murray regroup after the disappointment of losing the Wimbledon final: “Absolutely it has helped him that the Olympics have come so quickly after Wimbledon. There hasn’t been time for the disappointment to have festered in his mind, or for him to have felt sorry for himself. He has regrouped very quickly.”

Lloyd on what the reaction would be if Murray were to win the gold medal: “It would be gigantic. With the Olympics being played at Wimbledon, it would be huge if Murray won gold, much bigger than if he had won gold in Beijing or if he wins gold in Rio in four years. But I wouldn’t say that winning a gold medal is on the same level as winning a grand slam. It isn’t. People might say that, and if Andy wins he might say that too, and that’s great, but no one is ever going to swap a grand slam title for an Olympic medal. With the possible exception of Roger Federer, and that’s because he’s got so many grand slam titles, and he’s yet to win a singles gold medal.”