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US Open

How to get the most out of the US Open


Tips from journalists and readers of The Tennis Space on how to get the most out of the US Open:

Watch the other fans eating, recommends The Daily Mail’s Mike Dickson, as “it’s a fascinating study of human behaviour.”

Go to the outside courts early in the tournament, recommends James Fawcette, as “unless you’ve got courtside seats, the Arthur Ashe Stadium is sadly terrible.”

Instead of eating in the food court, says Anusha R, “be sure to try the amazing Chinese and Korean restaurants in Flushing, just one subway stop away.”

Take sandwiches, says The Independent’s Paul Newman.

Be prepared for any weather, says Le Figaro’s Cecile Soler: “Bring a hat, water and sunscreen. And maybe a thunderstorm-proof umbrella.”

Don’t be discouraged by the line to get into the Louis Armstrong, says Down Forty Love, “as it moves pretty well and you can see some great matches.” 

Get there early, says The Tennis Space’s Alexandra Willis, “so you can get close to the practice courts – great for autograph-hunting, too.”

It’s possible to blag your way into the expensive seats, says Sports Illustrated’s Jon Wertheim: “Dress the part, simply act confidently – as if you’ve been before – and try to sit in a corporate suite.”

Take a picnic, but without the glass bottles, suggests Is Best, “as you’re allowed to bring food which is better than waiting in long lines for greasy fare.”

Get on the Grandstand Court, says Simon Cambers of The Tennis Space, “as it’s the most atmospheric court at Flushing Meadows.”

  • oldbat

    Unless you are dragged there by someone who thinks Ashe is a prime ticket do not go there during the day because it is brutally hot and mostly empty in the early rounds. The outside courts are the ones you want to go and that is where the most exciting matches take place in the early rounds although at times you can wait in line awhile to get into a match that has really heated up.A lot of us love the draws that have Louis Armstrong with a great match and going down to the Grandstand and waiting in line for another one or even drifting over from Armstrong and looking down on the Grandstand from above if you can get the railbirds to open the space. New York fans move around a lot from match to match and you can always get in there if you time it correctly. I always take a small bottle of frozen water and a sandwich and trail mix for a snack plus sun screen and that gets me through the day. It is a great tournament and I always love it when some kind shows up from Brazil and suddenly a thousand Brazilians show up but in New York what would you expect!