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Li Na

Have a go at The Tennis Space Li Na quiz


The Tennis Space Li Na Quiz. Are you Li’s greatest fan? You are if you correctly answer all 10 questions.

1. Li told the world at the 2011 Australian Open that her husband’s snoring had been so loud that she threatened to make him sleep in the hotel bathroom. What was her other message in the speech she made after finishing as the runner-up?

2. Li proposed to her husband. How did she do it?

3. What did Li study at university when she took a career break?

4. Li has a tattoo on her chest. What’s it of?

5. Nike allow Li to do something which all others – including Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal – are barred from doing. What is it?

6. How many Chinese viewers are believed to have watched Li winning last season’s French Open final?

7. How did Li upset some of her fans at the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

8. What percentage of her prize-money does Li pay to the Chinese government?

9. Li is the second highest-earning sportswoman in the world, after Maria Sharapova. To the nearest million US dollars, what did Forbes magazine estimate her annual earnings to be?

10. According to the WTA, how many people play tennis in China?









1. She told him that, “fat or skinny, handsome or ugly”, she would always love him.

2. With a box of chocolates, on Valentine’s Day.

3. Journalism.

4. A rose.

5. Having sponsors’ patches on her clothes.

6. Approximately 110 million.

7. By telling them to “shut up”.

8. Around ten per cent. It used to be 65 per cent.

9. $18 million US dollars.

10. 14 million.