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Serena Williams

Five things about Serena's clothing line


Five things about Serena Williams’s clothing line ANERES:

Serena Williams has so many off-court activities it’s hard to keep count. From her foundation to co-writing her auto-biography to acting stints and professional party attendance, the Wimbledon and Olympic champ certainly keeps herself busy when she’s not wielding her racket.

1. Just like her sister Venus, fashion, naturally, is one of Serena’s passions, and, having attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, in September 2004, she launched her clothing line ANERES – Serena spelt backwards.  Aneres, Serena says, ‘is for the independent woman who works, enjoys life, and is at the prime of her life.’ Designed with ‘fine quality’ and ‘personality’ in mind, Aneres claims to reflect Serena’s style at its best: complex simplicity.

2. ‘100% love for fashion’ is Serena’s motto, who is to be found most recently modelling the NFL’s new women’s range alongside Condaleeza Rice, and she is proud of the fact she is ‘100%’ involved in all aspects of production. ‘My team of designers interpret my vision and execute each new creation.’

3. “I’m an unbelievable designer. I don’t know how I know and just do these things,” she said in 2004. “I just start sketching and then I just know the colours and I always know the forecast. I know green and purple are going to be hot. I was born to be a designer. I worked hard to be a tennis player, I don’t work hard to be a designer.”

4. The product, unlike sister Venus’s EleVen brand, is strictly casual clothing, and features an array of dresses and tops. In 2006, Aneres teamed up with Blue Intimates, one of the world’s largest lingerie manufacturers to create a Serena-inspired lingerie collection.

5. Aneres is based in Serena’s home from home, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, with a branch in Los Angeles, her other home, and a warehouse in Florence, Italy. It is distributed in the US, Europe, and the Middle East. Serena also has a ‘signature statement collection’ on the world-renowned Home Shopping Network.

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