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Five things about Maria Sharapova's Sugarpova


Five things about Maria Sharapova’s new business venture, Sugarpova.

Sugarpova launches today on New York’s Fifth Avenue, with the ‘candy’ coming in a dozen different packages such as ‘flirty’, ‘cheeky’, ‘sporty’, ‘silly’, ‘flirty sour’, ‘spooky sour’ and ‘sassy sour’. The packaging on the sweets is dominated by a giant pair of lips. The range includes ‘gummies’, ‘sour gummies’, ‘gumballs’ and ‘soft chews’. Sugarpova sees itself as “a premium candy line that reflects the fun, fashionable, sweet side” of Sharapova, “a long-time candy lover with a surprising sweet tooth”. 

The tennis ball-shaped gum balls were apparently “so hard to create”. “It’s incredible to make it so realistic in such a small shape,” she told People Magazine. Other shapes include turtles, octopuses, high heels and handbags.

Sharapova created Sugarpova because she wanted to have her own business. “I’ve worked with so many companies over the last few years, whether it was doing a collection or being part of an ad or face of a brand,” she told USA Today. “I wanted to own something – something 100 per cent me. Where I make all the final decisions. Here I’m involved from start to finish, and bringing in my own people I want to work with and investing my own money. I wanted fun and young and nothing too serious. That’s how it came about with candy.” The sweets will be sold through Fifth Avenue retailer Henri Bendel, through It’sugar, through sugarpova.com, and in hotel minibars. Some of the profits from the sweets – a bag costs 5.99 dollars – will go to Sharapova’s charitable foundation.

There was a late change to the Sugarpova collection when Sharapova visited the factory in Spain where the sweets are produced and she picked up a liquorice-flavoured rainbow swirl with a marshmallow centre. “It was still warm and gooey. It wasn’t part of the collection, but I told them it had better be by August 20. The colours are really fun and the marshmallow makes it taste sweeter than regular liquorice.”

If this range is a success, Sharapova would consider creating her own fragrance, make-up and clothing lines. “The sky is the limit,” said Sharapova’s agent, Max Eisenbud.

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