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Miami 2012 - Wozniacki racket

"Don't blame McIlroy when Wozniacki loses"


Take this as a certainty. Should Caroline Wozniacki have a disappointing US Open, there will again be suggestions that her relationship with the golfer Rory McIllroy is preventing her from playing her best tennis.

But one top player has told The Tennis Space that it is unfair to argue that McIlroy is in anyway a distraction. “That’s nonsense. Caroline is a beautiful young lady, and it’s very normal, very human, for her to be in a relationship at her age. I don’t see how anyone can say that there’s anything wrong with that, to suggest that her relationship with Rory is somehow causing her to lose tennis matches. Going out with Rory hasn’t done that.”

“I’m sure it won’t always be easy for Caroline and Rory having a relationship in the public eye, but from what I can see, Rory seems like a real gentleman. He seems to be very supportive, turning up at tournaments to watch, and he looks to be a really nice guy, and I’m sure it will be great for Caroline that he’s there to support her through these tough times.

“That will be good for the relationship, too, that he’s there during these tough moments. As a fellow professional athlete, Rory will know what it takes to get to the top and to stay there, and he will want to help her to get back to winning matches and tournaments again. Players like having someone watching them, and Caroline will appreciate that Rory is there to watch her play. She will want to make him proud. I like Caroline as a person, and wish her all the best. I’m pleased that she’s in a happy relationship.”

  • Cheesecake

    I’m curious to who this “top player” is.

    • Pipsqueak

      I think it is Kim. Why all the mystery Tennis Space? It’s not such a controversial quote that you have to hide the identity of the player?