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Nick Bollettieri: What will my 8 wives say about me?


Nick Bollettieri talks to The Tennis Space about the book of his life, ‘It Ain’t Easy’, which will be published in November: 

How have you enjoyed the process of someone writing your life story? David Legge is not only a brilliant writer but is very low key. The majority of the people he interviewed were very comfortable. I have not really thought about my life because my schedule keeps me going close to 24 hours per day. When I finally get to read the book, I might be overwhelmed to read what people think of me.

All of your former wives (he is married for an eighth time) have been interviewed for the book. Are you at all nervous about what they might have said? When I went through my divorces I really did not take time to think how and why it happened but just moved on with my career. Yes it will be interesting and who knows, maybe even an eye opener to hear what my former wives have said.

When you look back at your life so far, what’s the achievement you are most proud of? My father gave me the confidence to do things people said could not be done including starting the first live in academy in the world. Giving opportunities to children has always been what my life is about including the recent adoption of our two sons from Ethiopia.

And what has been your greatest disappointment? One of my biggest disappointments was not speaking to Andre Agassi in person when I departed from his team. Writing a letter to Andre after our very close relationship, almost father and son, was so different to how I associate with people.

What’s the secret to having so much energy and enthusiasm at the age of 81? I just love life and excitement. My mind and body just don’t seem to get tired. It’s not very often that I am not happy and my positive attitude has driven me to just not get tired.

Would you like your life story to be made into a film? If so, who woukd you like to play you in the film? Throughout my life I have always thought of being an actor especially in movies like The Godfather. There are a few actors I would select including Al Pacino or Robert De Niro. My life would truly be a movie to be seen because it would be an inspiration for young boys and middle-aged men that life can be fun but you must be able to fight through difficult times. There are far too many older people that let their life be dictated by their age and I do just the opposite.


  • http://www.facebook.com/popenimensky Pope Nimensky

    Nick is a class act. Living legend. My favorite coach.

  • Steve Hu – NYC

    Nick, you are my big hero! I love tennis because of you!