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Serena Williams - Centre Court

Bollettieri exclusive: Serena is the best in history


Nick Bollettieri talks to The Tennis Space about the US Open, including why he believes Serena Williams is “the best female player in the history of the game”.

Can anyone beat Serena Williams? Serena Williams will be a top contender to win the US Open but she must realize this is a two week event and all of her opponents will give it all and then some to beat her. Serena has a tendency to start slow or have a melt down during a match. When she is on her game she is the best female player in the history of the game.

Do you think she will be trying to be on good behaviour in New York, after the incidents in recent years?  Serena Williams will be Serena and I am sure her on-court activities will be acceptable. She is so good for the game, both Venus and Serena are so important for the WTA Tour.

Do you think this will be Venus’s last US Open? Venus Williams is starting to feel much more comfortable with not only her game but also physically. Her future will certainly be influenced by both her health and her ability to win again.

Can Andy Murray win his first grand slam? How much of an effect will his victory at the Olympics have? Andy Murray is in the best position of his playing career – being an Olympic champion has contributed to his inner feeling that he can win the big ones. There is some that question whether or not he will be physically ready to play in the NY area for 2 weeks. His recent lost at Cinncinati makes you think if he will be 100% ok. New York loves fighters and he must win them over.

How long can Roger Federer keep on winning slams for? Roger Federer is a very rare athlete both mentally and physically. He is one of the few players in the history of the game that can put aside downtimes in a match and come back to win. Physically he can go on forever but the key is not losing to Djokovic. I also feel his coach has made some adjustements including being more aggressive with his backhand and also attacking the net more.

Can Novak Djokovic win the US Open again? Djokovic is the most complete player on the tour. He puts pressure on you all the time and his movement is one of the best on the tour. He will be a favourite to win.

Can Del Potro win another grand slam? Del Potro is so dangerous because he hits the ball so hard and flat. His serve can win him lots of points and his movement is pretty darn good for a big man.  But the injury to his left hand is a major factor for the rest of his career. When you see him starting to slice his backhand that hurts him and prevents him from winning the US Open. One of Del Potro’s main weapons is coming into the court and making early contact with his two handed backhand. Not being able to do that is disastrous to his game.