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Miami 2012 - Serena and tennis balls

Are you Serena Williams's biggest fan?


Are you Serena Williams’s greatest fan? You are if you can correctly answer these 10 questions:

1. What is Serena’s Post-It note mantra for success?

2. What happened in Serena’s life to inspire the tennis which brought her the ‘Serena Slam’, when she held all four majors at the same time?

3. How did Serena embarrass herself once while cycling around her Florida ‘community’ on her bike, “a pink beach cruiser”? 

4. Serena once appeared in the medical drama ER – what was her role?

5. What’s her clothing range called?

6. What did it say on the front of the provocative T-shirt which Serena wore after winning the 2009 Wimbledon Championships?

7. Which former grand slam champion once said this of Serena in 2006: “She should be in her physical prime, but she is wasting time you cannot get back. She had the opportunity to be the greatest in history. Instead, she’ll be a supernova who burst on to the scene, and then she was gone.”

8. How does Serena describe herself?

9. When Serena is in Paris, what does like to be called?

10. When did Serena sing this line: “I can see these haters through my Gucci glasses.”






1. “Hold serve, hold serve, hold serve. Focus, focus, focus. Be confident, be confident, be confident. Hold serve, hold, hold. Move up. Attack. Kill. Smile.”
2. Being dumped in callous fashion by an unnamed man, “So-and-so”. “The guy tore my heart in half. The worst part was that he left me thinking it was me. He left me thinking I was ugly. So I decided that tennis would be my salvation.”
3. She fell off her bike, and a passing ambulance crew stopped and asked her whether she needed some help. “I was embarrassed, saying: ‘Get that away from me. I don’t need it’.”
4. She played a mother whose child was trapped inside a burning building.
5. Aneres, as in Serena spelt backwards.
6. ‘Are you looking at my titles?’
7. Martina Navratilova.
8. “Humourous with a great personality” (according to the WTA website).
9. Chantel (“so French”).
10. This year when recording a debut rap track in the studio.