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US Open - balls

Zheng Jie talks to The Tennis Space


60 seconds with Zheng Jie:

If I wasn’t a tennis player I would be: A kids’ teacher.
I never travel to a tournament without: My phone and my rackets.
My favourite city on tour: That’s a hard question, as I like lots, but probably London and Paris.
The last place I went to on holiday: Hawaii.
The last movie I watched: A Chinese film. I don’t have time to go to the cinema so I watch films on my computer.
The last album I listened to: Some Chinese music.
The last meal I cooked: It was a long time ago.
My favourite restaurant on the tour: I like Chinese restaurants, of course.
The last time I was recognised in public: I’m recognised every week, ha, ha.
The last time I broke a racket: Never.
Grass, hard or clay? Grass.
Sand or snow? Sand.
Given a choice of superpowers, between being invisible and flying, I would choose: To be invisible.
If I was in a karaoke bar I would sing: A Chinese song.
If I won the lottery I would spend the money on: A nice car.