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Australian Open

60 seconds with Julia Goerges


60 seconds with Julia Goerges:

The actress I would like to play me in a film about my life: I would like to play myself.
If I wasn’t a tennis player, I would be: I would like to work in a hotel. I’m into the booking stuff, taxes, and receipts and invoices, that sort of stuff.
I never travel to a tournament without: My rackets.
My favourite city on the tour: Melbourne.
The last place I went to on holiday: The north of Germany.
My favourite shop on tour: Louis Vuitton.
The last film I watched: Ha, ha. If I translate this you will laugh your ass off. It’s called ‘No sex is no solution’. It’s kind of a comedy.
The last album I listened to: Rihanna.
The last joke I laughed at: I cannot tell you the jokes, but I can tell you who told them. They were from my mixed doubles partner at Wimbledon, Daniel Nestor. I think he’s one of the craziest guys on tour. I cannot tell you the jokes, they’re just too bad.
The last meal I cooked: I never cook.
The last time I was recognised in public: At home in Germany.
The last time I broke a racket: At the French Open, during practice. I didn’t throw it. I just made boom on the ground, and it broke. I didn’t even hit it that hard. I was really surprised. I couldn’t really believe it.
Grass, hard or clay? Clay.
Sand or snow? Snow.
Which superpower – invisible or fly? To fly.
If I was in a karaoke bar, the song I would choose to sing: There are so many. Some songs from the 80s or 90s.
If I won the lottery, I would spend the money on: I would give some to charity, spend some on myself, buying a house or apartment. And also invest some. And maybe some things for my sister and nephew.

  • Cheesecake

    “I would like to play myself.” – Haha that’s the best answer I’ve seen for that question!