© Ella Ling

David Nalbandian

60 seconds with David Nalbandian


The actor I would like to play me in a film about my life: Ricardo Darin, a great Argentine actor.
If I wasn’t a tennis player, I would be: I would play any sport.
I never travel to a tournament without: My iPod.
My favourite city on the tour: Miami.
The last place I went to on holiday: Salta in Argentina.
My favourite restaurant on the tour: Novecento in Miami.
My favourite shop on the tour: Anywhere I can be quiet.
The last film I watched: Batman.
The last album I listened to: El Salmon, Andres Calamaro.
The last meal I cooked: A barbecue.
The last joke I laughed at: Any joke related by a Cordobes guy, because they are the funniest people in the world.
The last time I was recognised in public: A few minutes ago.
The last time I broke a racket: I do it too often.
Grass, hard or clay? Grass.
Sand or snow? Sand.
Which super-power would you choose – to be invisible or fly? To fly.
If I was in a karaoke bar, the song I would choose: Probably a Cuarteto theme.
If I won the lottery I would spend it on. My foundation.