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Wimbledon - Serena

Wimbledon: top 10 best quotes


Pat Cash on the British weather: “What would I do to improve Wimbledon? How about moving it to the summer?”

Serena Williams on British transport: “Sure, I’ve been on the Tube. I caught one to Eastbourne once.”
Boris Becker after losing in the second round of the 1987 Championships: “Of course, I am disappointed, but I didn’t lose a war. There is no one dead. It was just a tennis match.”

Pete Sampras on the All England Club: “They act like they’ve got the biggest tournament in the world, and they’re right, they do.”

Jimmy Connors on his rival Bjorn Borg: “I’ll chase that son of a bitch Borg to the ends of the earth. I’ll be waiting for him. I’ll dog him everywhere. Every time he looks around he’ll see my shadow.”

Jeff Tarango to the umpire, just before he gathered his belongings and walked off court, so defaulting himself from a third-round match at the 1995 tournament: “You are the most corrupt official in the game.”

Goran Ivanisevic talking before he won the 2001 Championships as a wild card: “If some angel comes tonight in my dreams and says, ‘Okay, Goran, you’re going to win Wimbledon tomorrow, but you won’t be able to touch the racket ever again in your life’, I would take that.”

Boris Becker after watching Roger Federer winning his first grand slam titles at the 2003 Wimbledon Championships: “The future has come today.”

Jimmy Connors on the atmosphere at the All England Club: “New Yorkers love it at the US Open when you spill your guts at the US Open. Spill your guts at Wimbledon and they make you stop and clear it up.”

John McEnroe to an umpire in the first round of the 1981 Championships: “You cannot be serious.”