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Smashed racket

Will someone now apologise for Ryan Harrison's apology?


Five thoughts after day two of the Olympic tennis tournament:

Should someone now be made to sit in a studio and apologise for Ryan Harrison’s televised apology? For the fact that the American ever went on TV to say sorry, that he felt terrible for his crimes at the All England Club. Who decided that this was a good idea? As Ben Rothenberg of the New York Times noted, Harrison is “getting treated like somebody who ran over a puppy, not broke a racket”. If every player who trashed a racket, or dropped a f-bomb, was ushered into a TV studio, there would be hardly the air-time to broadcast anything else.

But the tennis was not a humourless place. According to Judy Murray, the umpire introduced Lucie Safarova to the crowd as being “from the Chick Republic”.

For all the talk about the bright mauve signage around the place, the colour which infuriates is dark green. That’s the colour of the empty seats on Centre Court and across the grounds. Hopefully the place will be full for the rest of the tournament.

So Andy Murray has won seven singles matches this summer, after beating a Swiss. Doesn’t that usually get you a prize? Not this summer. Murray’s victory over Stan Wawrinka – Roger Federer was there on Centre Court, but only in his countryman’s support box – was the opening match of his singles tournament. One thing that has carried over from the Championships is Murray’s looking-to-the-skies celebration.

Perhaps it was unrealistic to have expected Maria Sharapova to have shown more joy on court during her first appearance at this or any other Olympic Games. That’s not the way Maria rolls.

  • Anonymous

    It was the right thing for Harrison to do, he was representing the USA in the Olympics and acted like a spoiled brat several times during his match.  He needs to make good on his apology and stop acting like a 2 year old on the court as he often does.

  • Bill

    Ryan Harrison isn’t good enough to get mad.