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Federer - Olympics

Who's hot and who's not in tennis


Our guide to who’s hot and who’s not in tennis:

Who’s hot:

Roger Federer: Pete Sampras once called his friend Roger “a legend, a stud and an icon”; the American will be thinking that and more this Monday. Federer has now spent 287 weeks as the world No 1, surpassing Sampras’s 286.

Serena Williams: New York has often seen the worst of Williams. She hopes, at this summer’s US Open, to “maybe not get into an argument”. “If someone makes me really angry, I might have to get into a little bit of an argument, but my goal is to try to stay calm if I can. I’ve gone out with a bang the past two times I’ve played there.”

Jennifer Capriati: While many outside the United States don’t care so much for the Hall of Fame, there can be no doubt that Capriati’s induction brought her a huge amount of pleasure.

Who’s not:

Jet-lag: Straight after winning Wimbledon, Serena Williams flew to California to play a tournament. On one morning, she woke up at 1am and then stayed up until 6am watching ‘Desperate Housewives’. “I was hoping to fall back asleep but I didn’t. I was crying as always. I love that show. I was wide awake as if I was in Europe still.”

Rafael Nadal’s knees: It is still unclear what shape Nadal will be in at the London Olympics. “I am doing everything possible to recover. After Roland Garros I had a difficult time, but the excitement is at its maximum, I am working as hard as I can and hopefully I will be at 100 per cent. I am the one who is most worried.” 

The British weather: A post-Wimbledon tennis boom? Not this summer, not in this rain.