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Top 10 Olympic tennis quotes


Top 10 Olympic tennis quotes:

Andre Agassi, the eventual gold medallist, during a quarter-final match against Wayne Ferreira at the 1996 Games in Atlanta: “Bleep bleep bleep bleep.” (But obviously with cuss words instead of bleeps.)

Ferreira’s view of Agassi’s language, widely regarded as some of the most colourful ever broadcast live from a tennis match: “I honestly believe he should be kicked off the court for the things he was saying. They were pretty rude and actually the worst I’ve ever heard anybody say. I’m surprised the umpires took it so lightly. If I was sitting in the chair, I probably would have done something different.”

Sania Mirza on the controversy over India’s selections for this summer’s Games: “As an Indian woman belonging to the 21st century, what I find disillusioning is the humiliating manner in which I was put up as a bait to try and pacify one of the disgruntled stalwarts of Indian tennis.”

Bradley Wiggins watched Rafael Nadal doing his laundry in the Olympic Village in Beijing: “I didn’t want to bother him but he was mixing up his whites and colours.” 

James Blake loses respect for his semi-final opponent Fernando Gonzalez after an incident at the 2008 Games – the American thought that his shot had brushed Gonzalez’s racket and that the Chilean should have admitted as much: “Playing in the Olympics, in what’s supposed to be considered a gentleman’s sport, that’s a time to call it on yourself. Fernando looked me square in the eye and didn’t call it. If that happened the other way, I never would have finished the match because my father would have pulled me off the court if I had acted that way. That’s a disappointing way to exit the tournament when you not only lose the match, but you lose a little faith in your fellow competitor.”

Marion Bartoli on not being selected to play in London because of a falling-out with the French Tennis Federation: “I know it will hurt when I see the players playing it.”

Serena Williams, the doubles champion in Sydney and Beijing with her sister Venus: “If my home were to catch on fire, there would be a few things I would grab, and the medals would be some of them.” 

Mardy Fish on why he is skipping the London Olympics, instead staying in America: “Playing in the States is my most fun time of the year, playing in the summer, playing in the heat, and I didn’t want to miss that. I was lucky enough to do well in Athens, winning a silver medal, and I’ve got the memories from that.”

Rafael Nadal on what the Olympics means to him: “You cannot put a price on Olympic gold. To me, it’s special, it’s different. It’s true we have a fantastic tour, with all the facilities, all the money, but the Olympics is the real spirit of sport.”

Maria Sharapova on not having to wear white at the All England Club: “It’s going to be so strange – I’m going to be wearing a red shirt.”


  • Archangel

    Sour grapes from Wayne!  As Wayne Ferreira never once beat Andre but, instead, always received a drubbing, I’m not surprised he wanted him kicked off the court – especially as, just this once, he actually had a chance of winning.  That chance soon slipped away, however, when normal service was resumed.