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Sharapova exclusive: how to be mentally tough


Exclusive tips from Maria Sharapova on how to be mentally tough.

Sharapova on why you should take responsibilty for yourself – “it’s about you and not anybody else”: “I think it’s something that’s within. Of course everyone is going to have difficult moments, but it’s really about how you get up from them. You can have the best people in the world helping you, and this and that, but if you don’t tell yourself to grow up inside, and be positive and strong, then you probably won’t. You have to be mature enough to realise that it’s about yourself, and not about anybody else. You have to take responsibility.”
Don’t obsess over the past, and don’t imagine that the same approach will always work – look to the future and be flexible: “Every single moment in everybody’s life is different and I’ve never been one to look back at something and think, ‘that worked for me that time and it will work for me again this time’. I’ve never tried to follow that, because I never think that the same thing can work for you twice.”