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Mardy Fish

Sampras: I support Fish skipping the Olympics


Pete Sampras has told The Tennis Space that he supports Mardy Fish’s decision to skip the Olympics. Fish, who had a heart scare earlier this year, has decided not to play at the London Olympics.

Sampras on Fish skipping the Games: “I think Mardy’s just trying to sort himself out, get his health in order and come strong. I think Mardy had a great year last year and we all know that when you have a great year, to try and come back and do it again, it’s not easy. There is pressure and expectation, it’s a different place to be, rather than going up, trying to stay there. The Olympics, for me…I just think with it being at Wimbledon, very unique and very special and it’s something I probably would do just because it’s at Wimbledon. Tennis in the Olympics was always an exhibition sport in my time. Obviously it’s gotten more prestigious because all the top players are talking positively about it, they all want to win it and want to play it, so that adds to the event. But Mardy had a health scare earlier in the year, and that set him back a little bit. I just think he wants be healthy.”