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Kate and Pippa

Our favourite moments from Wimbledon


Simon Cambers: “Andy Murray’s run to the final was absolutely great and I hope is seen, by him and the public, as a step forward rather than just another missed chance. But my moment of the fortnight has to be Jonny Marray’s victory in the men’s doubles with Freddie Nielsen. Here was a man who had played 10 Wimbledons and never gone past round three, partnered with a guy who had never even won a match at this level in doubles, beating the Bryan brothers and then, with the pressure on, winning the title in front of a packed crowd on Centre Court. It was only their fourth tournament together and yet they looked like seasoned veterans. Marray was an absolute revelation and his story was a fairytale that would have made a far better script for the film Wimbledon than the original. Perhaps there is space for a sequel?!”

Alexandra Willis: “Being on Murray Mound (I think it is finally time to rename it) for the third and fourth sets of the Murray Federer final. To see the way the fans sat there in the soaking wet, putting umbrellas up and bringing them down as the rain pelted it down and then went away again, and continued to scream at a giant screen as if Murray could hear them, was extraordinary. There was hardly a dry eye on the hill when Murray gave his runner-up speech, as fans leapt on tables to wave at the cameras every time they panned onto the hill. It was just one small part of the support the British No 1 received across the country, but it was some support.”

Mark Hodgkinson: “People now talk of a post-Rosol world. Where were you when Lukas Rosol defeated Rafael Nadal in the second round at Wimbledon, for what one of the greatest upsets ever seen at the All England Club (if not the greatest)? The fact that he returned to his ordinary self in the next round, and that he actually dropped out of the top 100 in this week’s rankings (because some points from a second-tier Challenger event came off his tally), that only made this story better. It was a glorious one-off, a reminder that the top four aren’t untouchable.”

  • Cheesecake

    I personnally would love a Rosol-like event as much as possible. Men’s tennis is starting to get a little too predictable.

  • http://twitter.com/midgetdiget clare foster

    Tennis and tournaments are invaded by, no, not  only  fans, but celebrities who flock like Hitchcocks Birds, around the centre court of any major event when glory is to be acknowledged and witnessed by the masses, ( me and you) . It never fails to amuse me that the unlikeliest of “healthy” looking people take their seats and fall ( within minutes) into a deep and satisfying sleep. Must have been the light lunch… I am amused to observe that the great and the good have also positioned themselves into clapping like penquins when a point is scored for the home team.. well done old boy.., oh no, thats cricket..