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Wimbledon - Serena jumping

Oddballs and Oddities


Some bits and bobs from around the tennis world this week. Mainly Olympic-themed…

What have they done to it?!
Is the general reaction to photos of the grounds at the All England Club that have been percolating the internet since the transformation from Championships to Olympics began the day after Roger Federer lifted the Challenge Cup.

With London 2012’s pinky/purple everywhere, Cadbury’s sweet huts, no McDonald’s, but a tennis-playing Olympic mascot, it’s safe to say that SW19 has never looked more different.

If you’re not already, we heartily recommend following @WimboGroundsman for visual evidence.

‘My body feels like a machine’
So says Andy Murray [VIDEO]

Growing on me..
While there has been general mirth and merriment at the various outfits planned for the opening ceremony of the Olympics, Team GB’s kit is really growing on me. The band of Brits travelled to the Olympic village together this week decked out in their kit, and my do they look smart. I want some of those red trainers.

Swanky pads
With just one week to go to London, the various tennis-playing stars are back in south west London, largely, many of them back in the same accommodation they had for Wimbledon.

Check out Maria Sharapova and Team Russia’s dining room

Mug shots
There’s been a lot of chatter about the headshots for the Olympics

Check out Andy Roddick’s. Funny.

What to do with a runners-up trophy
Maggie May came up with a winner

In other news…

Jelena Jankovic is building a ‘dream house’ in San Diego

Taipei’s Yung-Jan Chan has changed her name to ‘Latisha.’¬†As Serena said, ‘cool.’

– Congratulations daddy Blake

– Congratulations Marcos and Karolina. Apparently they used those lovely white umbrellas to keep the paparazzi out.

Roger Federer’s limited edition ‘287’ Nike kicks are selling for over $4k per pair on ebay…