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Murray after final

Murray's grandmother: "I gave Andy a big hug"


Andy Murray’s grandmother, Shirley Erskine, has told The Tennis Space how she gave the beaten finalist “a big hug” in the players’ garden “and told him how well he’d done”. “That was hard seeing him so emotional during his speech, so hard.”

Shirley on watching her grandson in his first Wimbledon final: “That was hard seeing him so emotional, so hard. It was nice just to him a moment ago in the players’ area. We had just a few seconds and I gave him a big hug and told him how well he’d done, and how much we had enjoyed the match and how well he had played. He have his all today. You couldn’t fault him for that. It just came down to a few points. It’s unbelievable seeing Andy playing those matches. It was lovely to see him on the lawn and he said: ‘Thanks for coming down’. I said: ‘We wouldn’t have missed it for anything – it was a cracking game’.” 
Shirley on “the stress” of watching her grandson play on the big stage: “I suppose it’s stressful. It’s a mixture of great pride and just so desperately wanting him to do well. I’m not as uptight now as I used to him when he was younger, and he was making his way up the ladder. As he wanted it so badly and he was working so hard, and he gave away so much, like leaving home. He’s very family-minded. Now that he’s got to the top I’m not so uptight.”