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Andy Murray looks to the skies

Murray on carrying the Olympic torch


Andy Murray and Elena Baltacha talk to The Tennis Space about being asked to take part in the Olympic torch relay.

Murray told The Tennis Space: “It’s nice to have been asked. You always see it when you’re watching it on the TV, you always watch it. So it’ll be a nice thing to do. I am doing it somewhere around Wimbledon, in the Merton area, I am not sure of the exact route but it’s around there. It will be good. People are very excited about the Olympics. It was in the middle of last year that people started to want to talk to me about the Olympics, and I’ve had more and more questions about it every week since then.”  

Baltacha told The Tennis Space: “There is something about the Olympic torch that gives me goosebumps. It’s because of what it represents and the fact that it signals London 2012 is almost here. Competing at the Olympics means the world to me. My mum was a pentathlete and nearly went to the 1980 Moscow Olympics while my dad went with the Soviet Union football team and came away with the bronze medal. For any sportsperson, it’s as big as it gets. When I got the email saying that I had been selected to carry the Torch, I was beside myself. I will be carrying it through St Peters in Kent at 11am on 19 July and I hope a few people come and give me a cheer. Andy Murray will be carrying it through Wimbledon a few days later (on 23 July) and I’m sure it’ll be a pretty special moment for him too.”