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Martina Hingis 2

Hingis: Strictly helped launch my fashion career


Martina Hingis, a former world number one, talks to The Tennis Space about her new clothing line – Tonic Tennis by Martina Hingis.

“Fashion is very important when you’re playing tennis. I remember when I was on tour, everyone would always be looking at everyone else to see what they were wearing. Someone like Anna Kournikova, she would look good in a potato sack – she could wear anything. I think everyone wants to look good on court, and when you look good you’re going to feel better about your tennis. I first saw Tonic clothing when I was in England filming Strictly Come Dancing and I was shopping on the King’s Road in London for some clothes to wear in the dance studio. I loved the look, feel and design of their clothes, and bought a few items in different colours as they were filming us in the studio and I didn’t want to wear the same thing every day, I wanted a bit of variety. I discussed with my manager about the range and she got in touch with Tonic and a year later following many discussions we launched my Tonic Tennis range. It was an exciting moment.

“Our clothes fit all sizes. Players comes in all sizes – someone like Maria Sharapova is tall and thin and I’m shorter and curvier. I’m really enjoying working with Tonic to produce clothes that women want to wear on court.  I work closely with the team at Tonic. They’re a fantastic team who are passionate about creating beautiful pieces that won’t let you down performance wise nor aesthetically. We spend many hours discussing the fabrics, colours, cuts and I also personally play-test the clothes and give my feedback regarding the performance aspect of the garments. The whole process for me is enjoyable and I love to hear feedback about the range. My mother sent me a photo the other day of her playing while wearing my clothing line, and that was great. I look forward to seeing more women wearing the range. I would get pleasure out of that.”




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