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Federer and Murray

Maclagan: "Next few days will be difficult for Andy"


Miles Maclagan, Andy Murray’s coach, has told The Tennis Space that the beaten Wimbledon finalist needs to “emotionally deflate” after his defeat by Roger Federer. Maclagan has experience of helping an emotional Murray after losing a grand slam final; they were working together when Murray cried after losing to Federer at the 2010 Australian Open: “It’s going to be very difficult for Andy over the next few days.”

Maclagan on Murray’s performance: “There’s no doubt that he’s getting closer. That’s the best that he’s played at a slam final. He had Roger Federer rocked. He’s going in the right direction.”

Maclagan on how Murray will deal with defeat: “It’s going to be very difficult for Andy over the next few days. I’m pretty sure he needs some time to emotionally and physically recharge. He did everything he could but he needs time. Only time can heal what he feels. He needs to emotionally deflate. And then to get up again. He needs to take as much time as he needs before he’s ready to get on the court again.”

Maclagan on Federer: “Guys stop because their minds get tired, so if his mind is still fresh, there’s no reason why he can’t win a few more.”