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Laura Robson

Laura Robson does our Olympic quiz


The Tennis Space Olympic Quiz with Laura Robson:

Apart from tennis, the event I hope to watch during The Games: Track cycling and handball.

The Olympian I would most like to meet during The Games: Usain Bolt (because I already met Chris Hoy and Michael Phelps at Wimbledon).

What the Olympics means to me: It’s really exciting and different to every other tournament we play in. I literally spent two weeks watching the Games during Beijing on TV so to be there this time around is so special.

If I wasn’t a tennis player, I would like to have competed in this Olympic sport: Either hockey or equestrian.

But definitely not this one: Weightlifting.

My Olympic hero from past Games: Kelly Holmes.

The question that tennis players are most likely to be asked by other athletes: What’s more important – Olympics or the grand slams?

  • Cheesecake

    “What’s more important – Olympics or the grand slams?” LOL so true.