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Wimbledon - Serena

How to play on grass


Tips on how to play on grass by Emilio Sanchez Vicario and Sergio Casal, former doubles grand slam champions who founded an academy in Barcelona. Andy Murray is among those to have trained at their academy in Barcelona, and the pair also have an academy in Tenerife at the Abama Hotel.

Their tips:

Your serve is the most important weapon. Go for a slice serve for the ball to remain low and create trickier returns.

When returning, keep the body low, legs lower and wait for the ball in feline position.

Try to hold your position during rallies.

Always try to stay inside the court, not behind the baseline.

Attack with down-the-line shots and finish off ralliesĀ at the net.

If your opponent is close to the net, try to make him play a volley below the waist. After trying passing shots, hit some lobs.

Use the lower bounce from the court to make your play more aggressive.

Expect the unexpected and be alert, and never drop your guard. Focus on your serve, be very patient until your opportunity arrives, and keep mentally active.