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Victoria Azarenka - in yellow

How to improve your tennis with music


Listen to Green Day, Beyonce or hip-hop before a match, as Serena Williams does. “Sometimes I do dances before a match. I have a playlist. I listen to some songs that keep me motivated, keep me abbed up. One is a Green Day song. I also listen to some Beyonce. She seems to be so abbed with her music. I listen to a lot of hip-hop.”

Listen to techno, as Victoria Azarenka does (usually while walking the corridors beneath the stadium with the hood up). “Right before I go on court I like to listen to a lot of techno music, just something to get my energy and adrenaline going. I like different kinds of music – rock music, pop music sometimes, Russian music. My friend is a DJ and he gave me all of his songs, about 5,000 songs. It’s just a bunch of mixes.”

Listen to Ed Sheeran, as Andy Murray did during this summer’s Wimbledon Championships.