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Hingis: Olympic champions are heroes for just one day


Martina Hingis, a former world number one, has told The Tennis Space that Olympic tennis champions aren’t always “superheroes”. Hingis said that in some countries, such as her native Switzerland, an Olympic medal makes you “a hero for a day and that’s it – you have a gold medal but it’s not like it has any consequences”.

Hingis on the significance of the Olympics: “I still believe that the grand slams are more important, because of all the history. The Olympics would probably be the fifth event. I think it depends where you come from. If you’re from somewhere like the US, China, Germany or France, you become a superhero. in Switerland, you’re a hero for a day and that’s it. You have a gold medal but it’s not like it has any consequences. Maybe I think differently because I’m from Switzerland.”

Hingis on why Roger Federer and Serena Williams are the favourites for the Olympic titles: “I guess all those great grass-court players will love coming back to Wimbledon for the second time in a summer. Everyone will enjoy it apart from the Spaniards who love clay. I would say that the winners from Wimbledon will be the favourites to win Olympics. But Nadal is going to be fresh and back for the Olympics, after his time off. He was a bit flat during the tournament, he didn’t have much to give, but he will have during the Olympics.”

  • Bouncy

    She thinks it doesn’t matter because she never won it. She’s still as bitter as ever.

    • Erza1026

      Nope. I sense NO lies at all and she also added that sh might be biased as well. Not because she never won it but because she’s a citizen from a small, neutral and rich country.

      Her career is already full of bittersweet moments. Mostly bitter at the end, an Olympic gold medal will not bug her mind whatsoever compared to her failure in finishing match points at AO 2002 and serving for Championships at FO 1999.

  • Renkis2000

    Of course Olimpic gold in tennis doesn’t mean the same as the title from a GS event. Every tennis player has a dream to win one of them , the Olimpic gold medal is just an extra bonus for them. It’ll be the same in golf.