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Andy Murray looks to the skies

Hingis column: Murray won't be thinking about history


It must be a great feeling going on court knowing that the whole country is behind you, and Andy Murray will have a tingling sensation when he walks out from the locker-room. And also when he starts to hit a few balls. But that feeling will only last for two or three games. After that, he will be completely focused on the match and what he has to do.

It’s hard playing in front of your people because you want it so badly. It can be the hardest tournament. On the other hand, you give everything you have. You fight until the last point and do everything you can. Britain have been waiting for so long for a men’s champion at Wimbledon, and there’s so much hope that Andy can do it, but Andy won’t be thinking about history.
I’m sure Ivan Lendl has helped him with strategy, so Andy will know how he wants to play. He need to be thinking about his strategy and also about keeping his first-serve percentage high. Roger has been serving so well that it will be hard to break him. Andy has beaten Roger before so there’s no reason he can’t do it here as well. They are both playing so well. It will be interesting to see what happens if Andy is winning, if he takes the first set, and he starts to think, ‘oh, I can actually do this’. That’s when the stadium will be really behind him, even though Roger will have a few fans in Centre Court.

It’s not like Andy’s playing a nobody in the final. He’s playing Roger. In the final, anything can happen, but the way that Roger played in the semi-finals was unbelievable. I think a lot will depend on the circumstances, whether it rains or doesn’t rain, whether the roof is open or not. Roger has such a good record indoors. The tennis he produced under a roof against Djokovic was amazing. I think it will help Andy a lot if the roof to be open.

I’m not surprised that Roger has a chance to go back to No 1 in the world. He played so well at the end of last season. That was so important that he finished last season so well because that gave him belief again. He has felt that belief the whole time this year, and he has played some great matches, but he just couldn’t always get it together. I spoke to him and said, ‘it’s amazing, how can you motivate yourself over and over again?’ And he said, ‘sometimes it’s hard, but I’ve got good people, and I keep going’.

  • Pawel Szarek

    Any thoughts after the women’s final?

  • Erza1026

    Wow, Martina. You had sensed what was about to happen in the final!

    It’s always interesting to see your point of view.