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Goran Ivanisevic: prize-money at Wimbledon is unfair


Goran Ivanisevic, a former Wimbledon champion, has told The Tennis Space that the All England Club should not pay equal prize-money to male and female players, as it is unfair on the men. “Men and women aren’t paid the same. Women are paid more. Look at how much time the women spend on court. They are paid more for what they do, and that’s unfair,” said Ivanisevic. The Croat, who is commentating for BBC Five Live during these Championships, supported the argument put forward by Gilles Simon that men deserve more money because the tennis they play is more entertaining than the women’s game.

Ivanisevic on whether Wimbledon should pay equal prize-money: “Men and women aren’t paid the same. Women are paid more. Look at how much time the women spend on court – they play fewer sets, less time on court. And they are paid the same prize-money as the men. So they are paid more for what they do. If the women are paid more than the men, it’s unfair, and at the moment they are paid more. Women definitely shouldn’t get paid more than the men, and at the moment equal prize-money means that they’re paid more. Victoria Azarenka beats Ana Ivanovic 6-1, 6-0 in half an hour or something to reach the quarter-finals, and the men could be out there for six or seven hours, and then everyone is paid the same. It’s a good thing I’m not playing now. It’s up to the guys playing now to complain or to say something.

“You have to look at entertainment. Simon made a point about this, about the entertainment provided by men’s and women’s tennis. I wouldn’t mind if the women were paid more if they were more entertaining. But I think men’s tennis is more entertaining than women’s tennis. I think you should look at that aspect. If women’s tennis was more attractive and appealing, then who cares, pay them five times more.”

  • AlwaysWinning

    Yawn. Yawn. Yawn.

  • Gill

    completely agree!

  • Demeo

    Women soccer is also played for 90 mins as the men`s, but still they don`t get paid equally in their various competitions. The two sports are not the same though, but surely the men deserves more prize money than the women in whatever sports they partake in and that`s a fact. It is also a topic i expected even tennis legends to have a say on. So i don`t see myself paying more to watch Sharapova than Simon. Being a big time tennis fan, i`ve hardly watched a women`s game till the end, not to talk of paying a huge sum of money to watch it live. Also i think the argument is very simple, let them play 5 sets in grand slams like the men, it`s as simple as that. If that ever happens, we (the fans) will be watching them having endless injuries and collapsing on the court everyday. We simply just can`t compare the levels and qualities of both sex in the game. As far as i`m concern Women do not have GRAND-SLAMS because there are no changes in their tournaments.
    So i must say i`m with Simon on this one.   

  • billyboy

    I agree- but to me it’s a simple question of supply and demand + price- a basic economic fact. Would I pay £100 to watch the women’s final ? Not in a million years, but the men’s final – YOU BET !!